Heavy Towing Dallas Comes to the Rescue of Burnt Truck

The Dallas Sheriff’s Department urgent request for a Heavy Towing Dallas team was answered by Walnut Hill Wrecker after a fiery crash off of Interstate 30. Imagine this: you’re driving down the I-30 on the way to work and listening to your favourite Podcast. All of a sudden, you see the truck in front of you swerving, out of control. The truck goes completely across the service road and plummets down an embankment, ploughing through a grove of trees. As the truck finally comes to a standstill, it catches fire!

This was the scene that greeted onlookers on their morning commute. The Dallas Sheriff’s department and the fire department were on the scene immediately, putting out the fire and making sure rubberneckers didn’t slow down traffic. The Walnut Hill team arrived on scene prepared with chainsaws, a bobcat, two 50 ton rotators, one 50 ton wrecker, and 8 certified tow operators. 

The first major obstacle was the trees. In order to properly access the truck and be able to winch it out safely, the tow truck operators had to put their lumberjack shirts on and cut down several trees. With the trees out of the way, the teams worked in unison to winch out the tractor and the trailer. The rotator teams did an incredible job winching out the trailer (fully loaded with car parts!) and getting it on their own tractor. Seeing both rotators back-to-back maneuvering the trailer above and between them before placing it safely on the ground was an impressive site. While the trailer was keeping the rotator teams busy, the wrecker team managed to winch out the burnt trailer and somehow got it in good enough shape to tow! 

When you work in the heavy duty towing industry, you have to be prepared for any scenario. All 8 tow truck operators on scene did a fantastic job both logistically and technically. Keep it up!

heavy towing dallas
heavy towing dallas
Heavy Towing Dallas

Details of Heavy Towing Dallas Comes to the Rescue of Burned Truck

Walnut Hill Wrecker’s dispatch center received a request for a heavy towing Dallas team to attend to a job off Interstate 30. Three units were immediately dispatched to the accident. The heavy towing Dallas team consisted of two 50 ton rotators and one 50 ton wrecker.

The heavy towing Dallas teams arrived at the scene of the accident. The heavy towing Dallas teams noted that to properly access the truck, they had to cut down several trees as the truck was wedged between the trees and a building. The heavy towing Dallas team used chainsaws to cut down the trees and make a clear access from the service road to the truck.

The heavy towing Dallas team put a converter dolly under the trailer. They then hooked up the trailer to two 50 ton rotators. The heavy towing Dallas team winched up the trailer to the service road. The heavy towing Dallas team positioned their 2 rotators back to back, lifting the trailer over and between them in order to place it safely on the ground. The heavy towing Dallas team attached their spare tractor to the trailer. The heavy towing Dallas winched out the burnt truck and prepped it for towing. The heavy towing Dallas were able to safely tow the tractor.